Incremental Pay Structure

4Ci offers compensation that is at par with industry standards. Our compensation plan is based on skill set, industry job classification, experience level, and work location. As a 4Ci employee you don't have to worry about renegotiating your salary from one project to another or work on percentage basis. We don't treat our employees as a number. It is our moral and ethical responsibility to ensure that the financial security is the least of the worries for any of our employee and their families. In addition to basic salary, employees may qualify for incentives based on individual and company performance and corporate discounts for attractions and from key vendors (travel, technology, etc.)

Premium Health Benefits

Medical / Dental / Vision Coverage: 4Ci offers health insurance benefits that are as per industry standards in our marketplace and ACA compliant. 4Ci offers group insurance plan through its insurance service provider which is amongst one of the leaders in USA. Insurance plans and options provided by 4Ci provide coverage for an individual employee and/or their immediate family.4CI pays 50% for the employee premium & 25% for their immediate family.

Work/Life Balance

4Ci offers fringe benefits for eligible employees; such as paid time off (PTO), federal holidays, company paid life insurance. Foreign national workers, who qualify under specialty job category, are provided with legal assistance in processing work eligibility permits. 4Ci has successfully processed work permits for foreign nationals.

Paid Time Off

4Ci provides 12 PTO’s for every calendar year. An employee accrues 1 PTO for successful completion of 8 hrs. Per 1 month of work. Successful completion of month is defined as 8 hrs of work day, 5 days a week for full month excluding federal holidays and earned PTOs in the same month.


4Ci observes seven paid holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day Following Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Life Insurance

4Ci believes in providing a safety net to our employees by offering the standard life insurance. Employees are eligible for the company-paid Life insurance coverage; only if enrolled in the Health Insurance plan. For more details about the Life Insurance please refer to the employee handbook.

Relocation Assistance

4Ci understands that relocation is stressful; as well as expensive .Hence to reduce the burden on our Consultant’s; 4Ci provides relocation assistance of up to $750.00 for a consultant who is single and $2500 for a married consultant.

Opportunities for Advancement

4Ci encourages and offers mentoring to employees that are successful in their current project and provide enormous value to the project by promoting them in their current projects and also by offering financial incentives to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) Continuous learning and knowledge enhancement are necessary for career advancement in Consulting business. 4Ci provides on the job training for qualified workers 4Ci operates two training academies in Mount Hill, PA & Orlando, Florida to provide the skill set required by

Progressive Career Path

The 4Ci Team has developed a group of programs dubbed the "Progressive Career Path (PcP) to verify that each phase of the employment experience is maximized. Broadly categorized as Attract, Develop, Engage, and Retain, specific programs have been outlined and implemented at each point in the employment relationship to determine that the proper people and processes are in place to execute the business defined in this proposal.

Equal Opportunity Employer

4Ci is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, veteran status, physical impairment, political affiliation, marital status, disability, or on any other basis prohibited by law.

Employee Referral Bonus

4Ci offers excellent referral bonus to all its employees. 4Ci has structured this Referral Bonus Plan to incrementally increase the financial rewards to eligible participants for referring multiple candidates in one calendar quarter. Moreover this plan rewards you with a higher Referral Bonus amount based on experience level of Referral Candidate. In simple words the more you refer the more you earn. (Please refer to the Employee Referral Bonus plan in the employee handbook)