Training Tracks

Training tracks are designed keeping in mind specific project needs of our clients and determined by consultants’ skill levels. Professionally designed and client approved courses, engaging technology that meets today’s practical needs offers several training options to entry level, mid-level, and experienced consultants.


Designed for recent college graduates with academic experience and limited or no professional experience.
8 week training program
1 week project work.
Live, Classroom training


Designed for professionals with limited programming experience and those willing to change career paths.
8 week training program.
1 week project work.
Live, Classroom training.
Experienced professional with background in legacy applications or willing to transition to different technology.
As an example: Candidates with experience in legacy coding programs such as Mainframe COBOL may enroll in this track.


Designed for professionals with 1 to 3 years of relevant work experience.
2 week refresher training course.
1 week project work.
Live Classroom or On-Line training set-up.
Experienced Professionals with business needs to elevate their current level of expertise or refresh their knowledge of specific topics.
Candidates that have undergone non-structured training programs or have had gap in their professional career can be considered under this track.
As an example, candidates that have had significant Java, .Net, BI experience but for reasons have not worked in the recent past may enroll in this track.