Program Benefits

Training tracks are designed keeping in mind specific project needs of our clients and determined by consultants’ skill levels. Professionally designed and client approved courses, engaging technology that meets today’s practical needs offers several training options to entry level, mid-level, and experienced consultants.


4Ci’s corporate training program delivers the value ‘perceived’ by its clients. Our unique collaborative approach coupled with the strategic program goals delivers true benefits; such as quality over quantity, extended retention period, lower attrition, increased productivity, and extended savings for our customers.


Our program is designed to offer unique advantage to our enrolled candidates by providing them with training program that is custom designed, weekly monitored, and evaluated by our client. Simply said, you are in front of our customer from day of the training program which increases your prospects of getting job, multifold.


4Ci employees can enhance their technical know-how by enrolling in iRefresh training track that provides a unique opportunity to learn about newer technologies or refresh programming skills on specific tools and languages. Moreover, our employees have the advantage of calling our trainers to seek technical assistance, guidance while on the job.